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Furnace Inspection/repairs


Heat Exchanger Inspection

While doing this inspection the professional will be looking for cracks and will perform a leak test to make sure the exchanger is running properly.

Yearly Inspections (Fall)

The professional will inspect that the equipment is operational and that there is no combustible gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. 

Blower Motor Inspections

Professional will inspect that the motor is working properly. Professional will also clean out squirrel cage. Proper air velocity will be tested at this time. 

Gas Valve Inspections

Professional uses a multimeter to test terminals. Valves are also tested for cracks. Gas pressure is tested to ensure it is at the appropriate pressure. 

Inducer Draft Motor

Professionals will test for proper operations by testing motor shaft and windings. Volt and amp readings are also recorded.

Electrical Components

Professionals test for lose wire connections and burnt wiring. Low voltage and electrical wiring are also tested at this time. Professionals will test the motherboard and all electrical control boards. 

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