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Why are humidifiers important, you ask?

Humidifiers can actually help in several different ways with the greatest two being health and financial. Proper humidification helps keep your home warm and cozy by making the space feel warmer with the lower temperatures. The minor amount of energy consumed by the home furnace humidifier leads to a great savings in energy consumed by the heating system to keep the home warmer when air is drier, saving YOU money. The health benefits are that it helps add moisture to the home when the temperatures are dry. 

Humidifiers that henson heating and cooling uses:


The secret to a zoned heating and cooling system is electronically controlled dampers in your ductwork. Dampers are like vales that control the flow of your heated and cooled air throughout your home. A thermostat is placed in each zone so that it can control the electronic dampers in your air ducts.

What is Rema Halo?

The REME HALO is an in-duct air purifier that uses RGF’s Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy technology. It is installed in the supply side plenum of the HVAC system. This technology produces hydro-peroxide plasma and uses ultra-violet light to purify surfaces and the air inside your dwelling.


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Air Conditioning

Don't wait until its too late to ensure your air conditioning system is working correctly. Beat the heat with comprehensive A/C system inspections to ensure your unit is working efficiently and safely. We offer new installation on new A/C units for homes as well as commercial properties and provide repairs and routine maintenance.


Keep your home and office toasty when it matters with our team's comprehensive furnace services. Make sure your furnace is working correctly with a thorough inspection of your furnace. If any repairs are needed or should you need to replace the unit entirely, we can help! We'll discuss all options available in your repair or unit replacement.

Restaurant Equipment

Make sure your kitchen's commercial-grade equipment never experience issues before it's too late. Don't miss out on spoiling products, or having to close your doors during regular business hours when you can rely on your commercial grade equipment running smoothly. We offer refrigeration system repairs for both home and restaurant-grade food storage systems.


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